Tenancy Agreement With Pet

It is best to make sure that you are protected from possible damage caused by pets and, in any case, make sure they are covering a professional cleaning service if they evacuate, as they have not declared their pet to begin with. Even proof that they are using flea treatments. All you have to do is get them to sign a document on this effect. They will generally be happy to do so and be careful because they want to keep the house and pet. Dogs must be vaccinated annually against dog scorn, infectious hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus, parainfluenza and kennel cough. The Pet Contract of the Landlords Act provides that tenants receive a veterinary certificate after vaccination and provide a copy upon request. I pay $25 a month to have my dog, although he doesn`t say I do it, and the tenant agreement says I pay for the house to be gassed and carpet cleaned on the amount I pay each month. I have no proof that I pay this except for an email, if the down payment was short of 25 pounds and the agent sent me an email to pay. Is this proof that I pay her every month for a dog to whom I recently asked to have a cat in my rented apartment (the cat is a hairless, and will be inside… No risk of chip) I am a good tenant and I always pay my rent on time, and I look at the apartment because it was not mine and even made small repairs myself. My contact does not say the animals allowed, but I know two tenants in our block who have permission to have the same kind of breed cat as mine… and another who has cats, but no permission, because he claims that they are walkers who come to his house… My application was rejected, but I find it really unfair that other tenants could have cats or get away with cats without permission, but an honest tenant like me, who actually asked permission, is simply rejected.

How can I challenge my landlord`s decision to change his mind? If pets are allowed, make sure the rental agreement states that laminate allows you to find far fewer problems with pets. But since you have a periodic rental contract, you can in any case propose a new contract with new CT (including new clauses for pets) and you can choose whether or not to approve it. You can also introduce a pet directive that will determine what is expected of tenants with pets while they live in your home. I have lived in older apartments, there is a new pet policy (which I have never seen) responsible for another person to take care of your pet, to come up with an ID card and drawing papers, whether or not you are able to take care of your pet. I ask other tenants if they had to do it, said that only the other person had to have signs, no image, I think the owner is fixed only on me, what I can do, I had problems with him in the past Small animals like fish, hamsters and rabbits are usually no problem. On this basis, I will focus this article thinking that we are all here because we want to protect our investments from dogs and cats. Birds are intelligent animals and they need stimulation, for example with mirrors and toys. They are also sociable and should not be kept alone unless their owner is with them for most of the day to keep them company.