Ship Non Bulk Oil Membership Agreement

This option is offered at the time of a spill when the polluter needs both equipment and personnel to assist with the clean-up. Each company can ask for help, but if it is not already a member, it must sign an agreement with a third party and assume financial responsibility to cover the costs of the response. Labor, equipment rental and management costs are charged at standard rates. In order to operate in areas protected by the Canada Shipping Act, designated entities and regulated vessels must register with a response organization. ECRC has entered into agreements with Point Tupper Marine Services (PTMS) and Atlantic Emergency Response Team (ALERT) to manage joint membership in a bulk tanker (i.e. vessels over 400 TBB other than oil tankers) and bulk carriers (i.e.B. Ship (Non-Bulk Oil) Membership Agreement or Ship (Bulk Oil) Membership Agreement Once you have received all materials and payments registered with us, you will receive a confirmation of your membership as well as your contract number, if you ever need to activate a response or confirm with the Canadian Coast Guard that you have an agreement under the Canada Shipping Act. .