Eta Agreement

One teacher who left the meeting said she was ”disappointed” with the preliminary agreement. Others called it ”pathetic.” At Monday`s meeting, Rust said he would inform ETA members of other facets of the deal so they would be ready to vote between Wednesday and Friday. The MTF is covered by the confidentiality and trade secret agreement and remains in the tab. EVSC representatives said they refused to comment on the provisional agreement until after this week`s vote. ”We have asserted ourselves,” he said. ”We didn`t negotiate against ourselves, and the team thinks we`ve reached the best possible interim agreement, with the difficulty of negotiations, if the state doesn`t fund public education.” We are very pleased to have reached this agreement by cooperating with ETA leaders in less than five hours of negotiations,” Supt said. David Smith. ”While other school corporations only offer increases only scholarships, the EVSC has defined a way to add the increase to the base salary, which benefits teachers` overall income.” The chosen TAB informs the applicant of its general conditions and the offer. Both parties sign a confidentiality and trade secret agreement. Evansville, Ind. – Members of the Evansville Teachers Association met Monday afternoon over the interim agreement between ETA and Evansville Vanderburgh School President Michael Rust said he was pleased that an agreement had been reached and ratified.

Mr Rust thanked the members of ETA`s negotiating team for their hard work and commitment. The provisional agreement was presented to the Representative Assembly on 17 April 2019. On Tuesday, April 30, members approved the provisional agreement by 1764 votes to 336. The two-year agreement provides for earnings-based increases, which represent an increase of at least 2% over the next two years. Teachers receive an increase in remuneration based on whether they are considered effective or highly effective in their assessments, including students` results on the ISTEP. During the meeting, Rust said he wanted to focus on the salary increases in the deal that ETA members expressed frustration with. According to a document outlining the agreement, teachers will receive a $500 raise this year and a further $500 increase next year on top of their base salary, with both years including a 1% and 1.5% scholarship. Carwile said the increase should be at least 3 percent. ”I find it regrettable that the interim agreement has been described as `lamentable,`” Rust said. ”If anything is lamentable, it`s how the legislature has continued to under-fund public education in favor of election scholarships and charter schools, primarily in the Indianapolis area.” The deal lacked salary increases that the association has seen in recent years, Rust said.

Throughout the bargaining process, he and the other five members of the bargaining team tried to get higher salaries. If the preliminary agreement is ratified, Rust said, it will be presented at the next school committee meeting in November.