End User License Agreement Epic Games

The EULA has been drafted in English and translated for information purposes, and the user waives any right of dispute or interpretation into a language other than English. First, tos English on a service oriented towards German users, and I`m pretty sure that limiting the link to the distance doesn`t hurt reputation is illegal. User Content. What we automatically accept is allowed if we think of feeds, readings, guides, tutorials and other things. Epic allows content creation, but is the sole owner, and everything you do belongs to Epic and can be monetized without the user`s knowledge and sold at a 3rd party. Epic may record your OPINIONS, but also publicly display, sell or license, modify, customize for marketing purposes. They also allow any other use of your opinion, including how they have not yet discovered, for everyone, in every country now and until the end times. Non-negotiable. You do not have a word that you post on the forum. There is even a statement that you knowingly give up any right given by another law to say otherwise.

Thus, your negative rating of a game can be sold/given to developers and they can change the rating freely into a positive one to increase revenue. By making a purchase (short reminder: it is a license and not property) of a game, you knowingly get it in a state where you are, with all the errors/disruptions/crash/etc. without any warranty. Epic and its partners do not assume responsibility for any claims, warranties and warranties granted to customer. The list of potential problems for which no one takes responsibility consists, among other things, of: programs that work poorly, do not work at all, may contain errors, errors or malware (such as viruses). Epic and its partners are under no obligation to inform, contain, prevent or correct them until they are legally compelled to do so. Banks also do it all the time. There are tons of illegal clauses in different credit agreements that shouldn`t be there and they`re technically null and void, but they impose it when they can, unless they`re warned…