Ecao Ibew Principal Agreement

As the legal representative of the ECAO in all matters relevant to labour negotiations in Ontario, ETBA and its representatives had been preparing to negotiate since October 2017. Joint Proposal (no strike, no lockout agreement) discussions with IBEW/CCO began in February 2018 and a proposal joint was signed on 1 October 2018. There have been three (3) different, although related, phases of this round of negotiations. Local negotiations took place across the province from November 2018 to January 2019. At the beginning of February, negotiations took place for Line (yellow pages) and communication (green pages). Finally, in the week of February 11, the provincial agreement (Blue Pages) was negotiated. 2. With the mandate of the accession to renew this procedure and in agreement with the contractors, both parties shall negotiate without threat of strikes and/or lockouts. ECAO members are encouraged to contact their local electrical installers association for more information about your local agreement. To register or view more details, click here. For more information, you can contact Cathy Frederickson at 1. Before the expiry of the existing main contract, the IBEW CCO sends a letter to members requesting additional assistance for the extension of the procedure for negotiating a collective agreement without stoppage of work. To make sure you`re still receiving these messages, add to your address book Leader of the Year: Congratulations Rob Lister, President and CEO of Oakville Enterprises The awards will be presented at the ontario annual Electrical Safety Awards in Mississauga on September 26, 2019.

After completing the construction of the east-west line, the Common Voice Northwest Energy Task Force is now celebrating a decision by the Ontario Energy Council (EPO) to correct a historic obstacle to power supplying new mines and mills in northwestern Ontario. For many years, the Energy Task Force of the Government of Ontario and the EPO has been committed to changing the distribution of distribution and transmission line development costs to reflect a fair approach to actions. This week, the EPO announced a number of changes to the cost allocation, including four areas identified by the Energy Task Force to reflect the specific needs of the North West. Markham aims to create a ”smooth city” through innovation and the introduction of new technologies that will improve the overall quality of life of their inhabitants. The initiative offers the city the opportunity to test different sensor technologies in different industries. ECAO contractors not only have the best trained electricity workers, they also have access to a pool of journeymen who can be quickly arranged to travel around the province to meet the high labour needs in megaprojects. Thanks to their experience with large and complex electrical systems, ECAO contractors also have greater possibilities for contracts and networks for industrial, institutional and commercial projects. Learn more about ecao > This process is a win-win situation for both contractors and electricians. IBEW CCO understands that if our contractors succeed, we will succeed! The IBEW CCO is constantly evolving to cope with the changing landscape of the electrical and construction industry. We play an active role in provincial committees as well as in government agencies. Our participation has earned us a strong and respected voice in the industry.

We strive to inform the government and the public of the importance of issues such as the application of the 309A electrical license, health and safety standards, learning, education and training. We work with our employers, represented by the Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario (ECAO). Together, we invest in joint projects that promote improved health and safety measures, develop training strategies on new technologies, and create platforms for dialogue with stakeholders and government. . . .