Consortium Agreement Ou

Yes. You must complete the contractual documents before the end of the 100% drop/add period for each semester during which you are enrolled in CBT courses (please check the academic calendar on the OSU Registrar`s website for the official date). Advisor agreement is required each semester that you are enrolled in CBT courses and receive financial support from the OSU. If you change courses at TCC after talking to your osU Academic Advisor (and before the 100% drop/add period), you must let your OSU advisor approve the new courses for assistance. You must enter into a consortium agreement if you are following a bachelor`s programme in relation to a community college partner and plan a double enrolment for the same duration. A consortium agreement is a contract between the student, Ohio University and the host institution (partner) and must be submitted until the deadline indicated in the agreement for the duration for which you wish to double enroll. They must complete both the Consortium Agreements Directive and the Consortium Agreement. All your community college classes must apply to your FSU program. The appropriate FSU advisor will make this decision based on the classes listed in the unionized form. No, the master agreement (award) must be in place and processed through the Grants and Contracts Accounting Office before subcontracts or ASIC can be processed there. Routing forms are required whenever agreements or contracts are concluded with the university on behalf of the PI. .