Civil Agreement

A civil contract is a contract between two parties intended to settle a dispute between the parties and, as a rule, civil courts deal with these contracts.3 read while labor law remains the same and taxes continue to rise, we take risks. People in government really like ruthless people. They estimate that people who take risks are fined between 8,500 UAH (+/-320 UDS) and 17,000 UAH (+/-640 USD) (Article 41, Law on Administrative Offences of Ukraine) and 96,000 UAH (+/-3620 USD) (Article 265, Labour Code of Ukraine) for non-performance of employment contracts (including agreements with trainees). Those who take risks when working for reckless boys (courageous individual entrepreneurs who work under civil contract) pay fines ranging from 17,000 (+/-640 USD) to 34,000 UAH (+/- 1280 USD) (Ukrainian Labour Code) for unregistered transactions. A civil agreement is a legal agreement between two parties who settle a dispute and is usually settled through the civil court system. Also known as a settlement, a civil agreement is usually the final agreement after mediation….