Celebrity Custody Agreements

However, according to court documents, it appeared that the language of Stone`s next court order called into question the previous joint custody agreement. ”The court finds that (Bronstein) can provide a more structured, stable, safe and coherent home that child Roan needs. (Bronstein) must have permanent sole custody of the child,” the court minutes said. Even Stone himself admitted in 2015 to ET that she had ”lost custody of a child she raised at a distance” during a period of personal struggle that followed her divorce from Bronstein. The rapper won primary custody of his daughter Cai Bella following an ongoing dispute with Tamika Fuller. He decided to try custody when Fuller made a lot of noise about wanting $15,000 in family allowances a month. According to reports, the fact that Fuller was living well above her conditions and that she left MIA for some time after the birth of her eldest daughter undermined her case. The dispute between Harvey Keitel and Lorraine Bracco over his daughter Stella is one of the most complex custody cases in Hollywood history. In 1996, after a lengthy fight in court, Keitel lost his battle for custody of his daughter, with the judge citing Keitel`s ”destructive behavior” as the main driver of the verdict, according to the New York Daily News.

The actor`s ”frankness” and ”poor judgment,” as well as his alleged drug use and violent outbursts, also allegedly played a role in the decision Tumisho Masha admits that his argument with his wife Zozibini Mtongana was so serious that he often cried. One of the low points of their chaotic divorce was the actor`s arrest in 2018. He spent 13 hours in a police cell after being arrested for removing his daughter from the province without Zozibini`s permission. Gabriel totally opposed the request and said it would undermine their joint custody agreement. . . .