Associate Contractor Agreement Dfars

(iii) request from the holder a list of items in length; (2) Identify the program involved and the relevant government contracts of the associated contractors. The relationship between prime contractors and subcontractors does not constitute A.A. and is not subject to the requirements of this Section. The Contractor may require AMA when contractors working on separate contracts need to cooperate, share resources or jointly participate in work on contracts or projects. The contractor should reframe each CBA to the requirements of the individual contractual situation and may, where appropriate, consult the contract agent. Proposed contractual language for the SBA or SBA: (a) The Contractor should enter into associated contractor agreements (ACA) for each part of the contract that requires joint participation in meeting government requirements. The agreements should serve as a basis for the exchange of information, data, technical knowledge, expertise and/or resources essential for the integration of the programme or project, in order to ensure maximum cooperation for the development of the programme in order to meet the contractual conditions. The associated contractors are listed in point (g) below. (B) a revised contract definition plan approved by the contractor; (v) Conduct a thorough assessment of the amount of termination liability, expense profile and CONTRACTOR`s WEE proposal. The assessment of the termination liability estimate should focus on the content of the estimate, the methodology used for the estimate, and the steps of the termination liability.

The evaluation should be included in the contract file. (A) stipulate that the purpose of the undefined long-term contract with pre-acquisition funds is to protect the terminal station delivery plan set out in Section F of the schedule and that the Contractor is contractually bound to comply with this schedule, unless provided for in the long-term limitation clause of the GovernmentLiability clause; and (g) the following contractors are associated contractors with whom agreements are necessary: (C) provide appropriate remedies where a final contract cannot be concluded before the date of arrival or as part of an extension granted by the procuring entity. Such corrective measures may include, with the approval of the initial receiving authority of the undefined long-lead contract, the unilateral setting of a reasonable fee for the long-lead effort and/or a reasonable price for all order charges, if an IME has been set. . . .