Bcnu New Agreement

A full copy of the 2014-2019 collective agreement is available here: The new contract is valid from April 1, 2014 until March 31, 2019. Among the spikes are modest wage increases of 5.5% over five years, as well as the possibility of paying an ”economic stability dividend” when the province`s real gross domestic product exceeds annual forecasts. This reflects increases negotiated in other public sector agreements since 2014. Other features of the interim agreement are the agreement on a framework to combat workplace violence and mental health and safety at work. The collective agreement of HSA nurses is negotiated between employers and the nursing bargaining association representing nurses belonging to the Health Sciences Association and the BC Nurses Union. The BCNU is the largest union in the NBA. Currently, approximately 900 HSA members are covered by this agreement. The PRF is used to document a concern related to professional standards. All issues related to professional standards and practices are adapted to the DEF process. Practical conditions, workload, patient safety and nurse safety refer to professional standards.

If one aspect of your job prevents you from meeting your professional standards, then the PRF process is your tool for representing interests and solutions. MoveUP represents the support staff of bc Nurses` Union. The BCNU represents approximately 26,000 nurses and allied medical care. HSA members, represented by the nursing community, negotiated the conversion of one per cent (1 per cent) of 2008 market adjustment to allocate financial resources to inflation protection and pensioner benefits. NPNs like you have been clinging to HSA for 40 years, because it is the union that is always committed to the specialized skills and training that characterize the NPNs. The BC Labour Relations Board decided that workers and patients were being put at risk by dangerous tactics applied by BC Nurses` Union (BCNU) organizers in December. The organizers of the BCNU tried to convince registered psychiatric nurses to leave their union, health Sciences Association of BC. ”When the HSA worked with the Ministry of Health earlier this month to bring unions and employers together in the health sector, the goal was to prevent the risk of violence for health professionals and their patients. Honestly, it`s hard to understand how another union is now responsible for increasing the potential for damage instead of working with the rest of us to address the problems,” Avery said.

RPN Summit on Violence in the Workplace (September 10, 2015) 2019 – 2022 PROVINCIAL COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT between Nurses` Bargaining Association and Health Employers Association of BC HSA actively encourages the important and unique work of psychiatric nurses registered on construction sites across the province. Through our important membership in national unions, our partnership with professional organizations or other unions, HSA builds the profile of NPPs and the mental health issues they address. The first step, if you have a problem in your workplace, is to talk to your supervisor and then talk to your excluded manager. If it helps to follow the PRF checklist. Filling out a PRF will help you solve the problem and remedy that will help you if you have these interviews. You will find out about the subsidies available for prescription drugs and certain medical care in the provincial government`s Pharmacare program.