Attestation And Agreement To Notify Employer

Information on certificates for population groups that do not use Workday (volunteers, students, visitors) can be found in the EH-S guidelines for monitoring COVID-19 symptoms. (2) Documentation. To support the requirement set out in paragraph (1) of this section, an employer may make a statement in good faith as to the efforts made to determine whether there is a strike or lockout in the port concerned. For example, by contacting the port authority or the representative of the collective agreement for coastal workers in the port concerned. (2) Unacceptable statements. ETA does not accept the certificate of deposit and returns it to the employer or employer`s representative at a U.S. address, if one of the following conditions is met: (i) for an employer whose country was not previously on the non-reciprocity list, the 12-month uninterrupted period is before May 28, 1991 (the effective date of Section 258 of the Act); or if a staff member informs you directly that they have symptoms of COVID 19 or that they cannot sign up for the certificate because they have symptoms, inform the worker: (1) An employer who has submitted a certificate that has been accepted for deposit may withdraw the certificate at any time before the expiry of the 12-month validity period , unless the administrator has found reasonable cause under Subsection G to initiate an investigation into the certificate in question. Such a withdrawal can, for example. B, be advised when the employer learns that the particular activity of the coastal work that it has attested to is the dominant practice of performing with extraterrestrial crew members may not have been the dominant practice in the port concerned at the time of submission. Requests for withdrawal must be submitted in writing and addressed to the certifier. (vii) where the administrator, the wages and hours division, informed ETA in writing, after an investigation conducted pursuant to paragraph G of this party, that the employer concerned misrepreses or did not comply with a certificate previously submitted and accepted to submit, but under no circumstances for a period of more than one year after the date of notification of the administrator , and unless DHS ETA has reported it. that the ban is in effect for a shorter period of time; or (2) The withdrawal of a certificate does not affect an employer`s liability for non-compliance with the conditions certified prior to the retraction or for false statements contained in a certificate. However, if an employer has not yet engaged in the specific coastal activity or activities of the port in question, the administrator will not find a reasonable reason to conduct an investigation unless there is reason to believe that the employer provided false information in the certificate or documents or if the employer did not provide the certified notification.

(1) Form ETA 9033 with accompanying document. For each port, an original ETA 9033 form, completed and dated, or its fax sent, must be presented: containing the required certificate elements and the original signature of the employer (or the designated representative of the employer), as well as two copies of the completed, signed and dated ETA 9033 form. (If the certificate is faxed, the certificate containing the original signature is kept at the address of the designated representative of the United States.) Copies of ETA 9033 are available at the National Processing Centers and the National Office. In addition, the employer presents two sentences of all the facts and evidence to demonstrate compliance with each of the certificate elements covered in paragraphs (d) to (f) of this section.