Usc Fullerton College Articulation Agreement

Click on the ASSIST icon below to see the articulation agreements between CSU, Fullerton and California Community Colleges. Some course joints with other CSUs are also available on ASSIST. Articulation is the process that connects two educational institutions to help students make a smooth transition from a community college like Santa Ana College to a four-year college or university, without waiting or duplicated. Courses at Community College are considered equivalent to those of the university. This allows students to meet a university requirement by completing an equivalent course (directed course) identified at Community College. In addition to ASSIST, course games (course equivalents) are available for some private and non-governmental institutions via the CollegeSource Transfer Evaluation Sytem (TES) website. Joints for the CSU CourseMatch and Fully online courses are also available on TES. Students can see how other CSU online courses are accepted by CSU, Fullerton. Explore transfer agreements by source or destination. Choose and follow you to save lessons, fees and time until you graduate. This equivalence, or articulation, can be carried out by course, for important needs and/or for general education needs. In some cases, courses are articulated (are identified) only as courses of choice. This means that, although the units are transferred, the course does not meet any of the requirements listed above.

Joint agreements identify individual transfer centre courses that are comparable or ”acceptable” to the CSU,Fullerton (CSUF). The success of an articulation course ensures that students receive corresponding study credits after their stint at the CSUF. The ASSIST website is the official national directory of articulation information that includes UC Transferable Course Agreements (TCA), IGETC lists, CSU Baccalaureate lists, CSU GE Breadth lists, Race to Course to Course Articulation and Major Preparation for California and California State Universities. is the official repository of the articulation for California colleges and universities (UC, CSU, CCC`s) and provides the most accurate and up-to-date information on the public transfer of students to California.