Una Collective Agreement Sick Time

19. What should I do if I do not feel that my time is coded accordingly with work because of COVID-19? When employers change workers` days off or positions without 14 days` notice, overtime must be paid. Section 7.04 of the national collective agreement is… [more] The United Nurses of Alberta (UNA) has also heard from its members who say they run through sick leave and vacation pay and are in financial difficulty because they have to take unpaid leisure work. In an email to CityNews, AHS stated: ”All employees who are responsible for COVID-19`s self-isolation will receive sick leave, continued salary or short-term disability, provided they are authorized under their collective agreement or conditions of employment.” Yes, yes. Article 17.03, point g) of the national collective agreement states that ”no worker may cancel or reassess leave by the employer unless it has been assessed as a recognized critical emergency and it can be shown that a good faith attempt has been made to mobilize the appropriate and available resources to resolve and resolve problems before these provisions are activated. A worker who has leave cancelled by the employer receives 2 times his base salary for the worker (s) who worked during the period of leave cancelled by the employer. The employer also reimburses all non-refundable costs associated with the cancellation of the leave. 17. How should my time be coded if I have to stay at home to care for a child who has to isolate himself because of COVID-19 or a school or daycare closure? 18.

What if I had to isolate myself and I had no time in my sick bank. Local residents should ask the employer to notify the premises whenever the leave is cancelled or individuals are mandated to work. ”It`s not serious and dandy, but again, if you qualify, that is, if you used your entire period of illness, you didn`t leave one, so you won`t get paid. If you are a casual worker, you are not paid. Everyone should be eligible because they work there and they have to isolate themselves without fail,” Slade said. No worker may be invited or allowed to work more than 16 hours (including regular and overtime) over a 24-hour period beginning with the first hour the employee reports working. ”We don`t ask for the moon and the stars. Our people work hard, they work in addition, they work in the short term.

We only say if they have to isolate themselves, at least give them paid leave for that period,” David Harrigan told una Disclaimer: as COVID-19 evolves from minute to minute, we cannot guarantee that everything mentioned on this page is up to date. We will endeavour to verify and update daily, including additional questions and answers. 23. Should I avoid treating a suspected, suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patient if I am pregnant, immunized or have an underlying disease? Activity: You assess whether PMMAs are frequent or probable (e.g.B. the patient`s condition is unstable or deteriorated) and if you do not have an N95 respirator. 14. Do I move up for the AHS Expedited Return to Work? Learn more about some of the most common issues in the nurses` collective agreement.