Tower Lease Agreement Sample

With regard to leasing negotiations in the mobile telephony sector, the party almost always has the advantage of accessing the most complete data. In most cases, it was the tower company or mobile operator that initiated the lease. They know if there are other properties nearby that are working for them. You know what the average rental rate is for some markets. And they know what landowners generally accept and what they don`t. The developer or tower company will often play one landowner against the other to negotiate the most advantageous lease. In some cases, they will even pretend to negotiate with another owner, when in fact they only negotiate with you. We know the leases and we negotiate them well on behalf of our client. Trust CellWaves. A carrier often requests 24-hour access to the land where the cell tower is located, whether it is an emergency or not.

During negotiations, you can only reduce this to business hours, except in an emergency. This will depend on the value of your property to the mobile operator or tower company, if you are going to assert yourself on this issue. Having a CellWaves advisor can increase your chances of a favorable lifespan. While there are many advantages to a cell tower on your property, owners need to be aware of the risks associated with the equipment. That`s not all, but the mobile phone operator or tower company doesn`t necessarily mind your interests. Their goal is profit. Your employees often receive bonuses to get you to accept the worst terms. We can`t stress enough that you have the peace of mind about your terms, rent and overall experience when you`re on the CellWaves team. Contact us today for more information. The one you hire is important. Don`t get caught up in at-T lawyers or blocked call center consultants who are not self-appointed experts in this field.

If a consultant charges you $1000 for your leasing exam, you have the wrong advisor. It`s a long time. Don`t try to do it cheaply, as it will hurt you in the future. Post Cellwave`s advisor today. Negotiating such an important agreement. The speed or slowness of our travel on CellWaves depends on the benefit to our customers. In certain situations, it is essential to move at a certain speed in order to promote the interests of our customers. Carriers, represented by contractors, treat you like uneducated property owners. You`ll enjoy it if you let it. Because of our 65 years of experience in the wireless industry, we are often the most knowledgeable and knowledgeable people in all transactions and we generally have control over negotiations. The proposed rental numbers have a mobile tower rental agreement It is not uncommon for an owner to receive contact from a wireless carrier or business tower representative and downplay the significance of the proposed changes.

Even if they are proposing a change to your lease, you should still exercise caution. Praise us for our experience. Most wireless leasing contracts are in compliance with the mobile mast lease at the beginning, but over the years they are no longer compliant. This is the responsibility of the landowners. If you would like your mobile tower leasing to be reviewed for a possible increase in rental negotiations, we are happy to review your rental agreement for free. There is no risk. No charges. We will look for ways to find violations in rental contracts that can lead to extra money for you.