Koho Cardholder Agreement

Who issues your KOHO card: The KOHO Visa prepaid card is issued by peoples Trust Company on the license of Visa International Incorporated. This agreement exists between you and The Peoples Trust Company. KOHO is the distributor of the KOHO prepaid visa card. KOHO is a service provider for the Peoples Trust Company to manage certain aspects of the KOHO card program, such as providing equal account to cardholders. B and transmitting messages from Peoples Trust Company to cardholders via the KOHO app or using the contact information provided via the KOHO app. To the extent that it is relevant to our relationship with you, these services are referred to in this agreement. KOHO may offer and provide services to Cardholder as a service provider for cardholders and not on behalf of the Peoples Trust Company. The KOHO services made available to you by KOHO will eventually be subject to agreements between you and KOHO. PEOPLES TRUST COMPANY IS NOT THESE SERVICES AND IS NOT FOR YOU, OR ANY LOSS, HARM OR DAMAGE OF ANY KIND YOU MAY SUFFER AS A RESULT OF USING KOHO SERVICES ON ANY THEORY OF LIABILITY, LEGAL, EQUITABLE OR OTHERWISE. Privacy and security: As stated in your cardholder contract, we may collect and use your personal data (”Cardholder Information”) to process card transactions, provide our services from other countries where we provide our cardholders, process claims for lost or stolen cards, and contribute to fraud protection and regulatory compliance purposes. We may provide cardholder information to companies that provide services on our behalf as far as necessary for these purposes. You agree that by adding your card to a wallet, we can also share cardholder information with the wallet provider, card networks (for example. Visa) and service providers, to facilitate all your requesting portfolio services; To provide you with information about your card transactions in a wallet and/or to enable you to obtain portfolio services.

We will not allow service providers or other third parties to share or use this information for other purposes. We have no control over how third parties use the information they receive as part of your use of your card in a wallet. You can obtain information about the portfolio provider`s and service providers` privacy policy by contacting them directly. The issuer`s privacy policy is subject to www.peoplestrust.com/en/legal/privacy-security/privacy/.We may provide certain information from the cardholder to others, as permitted or required by law. For example, to public authorities, service providers or third parties in response to subpoenas, court decisions or requests from law enforcement or other government authorities to establish or exercise our legal rights and defend themselves against rights. You acknowledge and accept that Cardholder`s information may be transmitted and/or processed to the jurisdiction in which you reside (including the United States).